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Calcapp is an intuitive no-code calculator app builder. Use familiar spreadsheet formulas to build powerful calculators to embed on your website. Without writing a single line of code.

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Reduce development costs by more than 70%.

Build and embed powerful calculators in 4 easy steps:

Start from a spreadsheet or app idea.

Say goodbye to IT dependencies. If you can understand spreadsheet logic, you can build a calculator in no time.

Drag and drop blocks.

Build and launch apps right away using pre-designed software blocks, drag and drop simplicity and quick deployment.

Preview your calculator.

Use the live preview to test your calculator and publish it at the push of a button.

Embed your calculator on your website.

Embed your new calculator on your website in just a click. Sit back and get qualified leads right from your website.

Help your prospects visualize the value of your offering.

Increase your revenue by creating an engaging experience for your prospects on your website. Use your calculator to show ROI, cost estimates, competitor comparisons and much more.

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Turn hesitant website visitors into paying customers.

Tired of wasting time responding to users who have little interest in your offering? Embed apps on your website and acquire quality leads who care about what you have to offer.

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Design and customize your calculator to reflect your brand.

Your calculator will blend seamlessly into your existing website and will look equally good on any device. Amplify brand awareness by customizing the layout, color and text on your calculator to match that of your brand.

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Integrate your apps with existing platforms.

Connect your new calculator with Zapier and save hours of manual labor. Collect data from users and export it into your spreadsheets. Or send messages to your Slack channel. Either way, you save time and money by automating repetitive processes.

Microsoft Power Automate
Zoho Flow
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"Calcapp provides amazing support—no other product compares"
Calcapp is simple enough for anyone to use and they provide amazing support—no other product compares. We quickly managed to bring our ROI marketing campaign to life with Calcapp. Using an outside developer would have cost $6,000.
Marynn Garabedian - Web Developer, Spireon Inc
We used traditional spreadsheets for many years to help our customers plan and operate water treatment systems using our products. Today, Calcapp has helped us move these calculations into an accessible mobile tool.
Eric Bradley - Product Line Manager, Dober
Calcapp is very powerful and has been solid and reliable the whole time we've used it. We have been able to create everything we have wanted to. Finally, a great way to make web calculators!
Robert Barnes - General Manager, SuperGuide

Start building your first calculator in minutes.

Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, we have you covered.


Perfect for teams looking to getting started.

$9 / mo.
3 apps
20 fields, 3 screens per calculator
1,000 monthly impressions (all apps)
200 monthly reports or service calls (all apps)
Email support
281 formula functions
79 languages
PDF and CSV reports


Best-value price for teams on a budget.

$29 / mo.
10 apps
50 fields, 10 screens per calculator
10,000 monthly impressions (all apps)
1,500 monthly reports or service calls (all apps)
Email support
281 formula functions
79 languages
PDF and CSV reports

White Label

Unlimited functionality for teams.

$69 / mo.
30 apps
500 fields, 50 screens per calculator
100,000 monthly impressions (all apps)
10,000 monthly reports or service calls (all apps)
Priority email support
281 formula functions
79 languages
PDF and CSV reports


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