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Build and test your app for free. When you're ready to deploy it to users, select a paid plan. (Pricing is preliminary and is subject to change.)

What kind of app are you building?

Private app plans

of users
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Public app plans

Embedded app plans

Is there a free plan?

Yes, you can use the free plan for personal apps, for test apps or for storing duplicate copies of your production apps (say, for backup purposes or to store prior versions). Apps not on a paid plan are on the free plan.

Apps on the free plan can be run through Calcapp Connect. Sign in with your user name and password and select the app to run.

Apps on the free plan which are shared with others can only be run a limited number of times per month. This is intended to be used for test purposes or for sharing test versions of in-development apps with a small circle of testers.

How are fields counted?

All fields you add to an app count, except for hidden fields. A hidden field is a field whose Visible property is toggled off and has no associated formula. They aren't shown to your users and are great for calculating things that would otherwise have to be repeated in several formulas. Use as many of them as you like.

What happens if I go over any of the limits?

If your app is on a paid plan, it will continue to run normally. We will, however, reach out and ask that you upgrade to a different plan if you consistently go over the plan limits. We only interrupt service as a last resort.

What's a service call?

Buttons you add to apps can invoke third-party services, such as Zapier. Doing so can enable actions such as adding a row to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, sending a message to a Slack channel or creating a Salesforce lead.

What's in the White label plan?

The white label plan removes all Calcapp branding from your apps. Upload your own logo to use on the loading screen and on the home screens of iPhone, iPad and Android devices where your app has been installed. You can also customize the loading screen in terms of its colors and visible elements or even disable it entirely, which works particularly well when embedding apps in your website.

Can I embed private apps?

Yes, you can embed private and public apps in your website, not just embedded apps. The plans for embedded apps are made specifically for embedding, though, in that they include a number of apps and not just one, which is the case for the public app plans. Apps on an embedded app plan can only be used for embedding, though.

Can embedded apps run as stand-alone apps?

No, embedded apps cannot run when they are not embedded.

How do you count app launches?

An app is considered to be launched every time our server is asked for the data of an app. Apps launched offline don't count.

How are private users counted?

We only count active users, that is, users who sign in during a given month. Your app may allow thousands of users to sign in, but if only 100 users at most do so during your busiest month, you only need to pay for a plan with 100 users.

Can my account have private, public and embedded apps?

Yes, you can use any combination you like. Line items for all plans you have subscribed to are made part of the same invoice.

Where can I learn more?

Our blog has more details.