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Build spreadsheet-like apps for iPhone and Android

Forget error-prone Excel calculators and build apps instead. Imagine a cloud-based app designer enabling you to create calculator apps with no programming involved.

Create a professional-grade finance app for your small business.
Create an app for agriculture and flag suspicious numbers with validation.
Create a complex healthcare app with many different calculations.
With Calcapp, creating a calculator app is as easy as creating an Excel spreadsheet

Introducing Calcapp Creator

Take Excel, replace the grid with an app designer and you have Calcapp Creator. The formula bar works as you expect it to and all your data is stored in the cloud. When you are ready, share the app with co-workers, customers and friends.

Calcapp Creator Calcapp Creator
(Turn your device sideways to get a better view.)

Sign up for free beta access

Calcapp is still in development, but a free preview version is available. Sign up to get access.