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Generate leads, demonstrate your ROI advantage and more by embedding calculators in your site. Our powerful no-code calculator builder requires no programming skills.

Your design

Use colors and images that blend in with your website and match your brand

Secure and fast

Calculators load securely and quickly from our servers (as iframes over HTTPS)


Visitors can be required to sign in, thereby protecting sensitive information

Powerful formulas

Connect Excel-like formulas—with support for close to 300 functions—to the fields of your calculator. Formulas can also be used to determine if a field should be visible, what recipients a report should be sent to and whether a button should be grayed-out. They can even be used to determine colors.

PDF reports, Excel, Slack and more

Collect information from your visitors with text and number fields, check boxes and sliders. At the press of a button, email PDF or CSV reports. Through Zapier and similar services, buttons can add collected data to spreadsheets, create Salesforce leads, post to Slack channels and more.

All the services you can use with Calcapp
Calcapp is simple enough for anyone to use and they provide amazing support—no other product compares. We quickly managed to bring our ROI marketing campaign to life with Calcapp. Using an outside developer would have cost $6,000.
Marynn Garabedian
Web Developer, Spireon Inc.

You get an app too

The same calculator you embed in your website can also be run as an app on iOS and Android. Once installed, your app appears on your users' home screens, complete with your logo and branded loading screen. Apps run offline.

Your app installed on an iPhone
Calcapp is very powerful and has been solid and reliable the whole time we've used it. We have been able to create everything we have wanted to. Finally, a great way to make web calculators!
Robert Barnes
General Manager,

Responsive iframes

An iframe housing your calculator can adjust its height automatically to match what your calculator is displaying. This feature is powered by our JavaScript library, which you can also use to extract app values.

Try extracting the result

Our no-code calculator designer

Design your calculator graphically using our easy-to-use DIY tool. Use the live preview to test your calculator and then publish it at the press of a button.

Our easy-to-use calculator creator
(Turn your device sideways to get a better view.)

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