Professional services

Our paid plans include support, through our chat widget or e‑mail ( We'll gladly answer any questions you may have at no extra charge.

We charge an hourly fee for work that goes beyond support. We can help you create an app from scratch, convert a spreadsheet or even add features to Calcapp.

Many customers find it particularly valuable to have us build a first version of their app, before they themselves take the reins. We are the world's foremost experts on Calcapp and we'll use the full power of the Calcapp platform when crafting your app.

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About us

We got our start in 2003, developing a calculator app for hospital use named Nutricalc, designed to calculate the optimal nutritional intake for premature infants and based on the research of our co-founder Staffan. Our other e-health product is Pharmacalc, an app for calculating the dosage of prescription drugs used in hospitals and for helping medical professionals make dilutions (that is, mix the drugs).

In 2013, we shifted our attention to our do-it-yourself solution for building line-of-business apps. We are building on our years of expertise developing calculator apps, enabling spreadsheet-savvy users to build their own apps, without time-consuming and expensive custom software development.

We are completely self-funded, meaning that we don't have outside investors. Read more about our history in a blog post written by one of our founders.

Our founders

Staffan Polberger, MD, Ph.D.

Staffan has served as an associate professor at Lund University in Sweden and as the manager of the Department of Neonatology at Skåne University Hospital. Staffan did his doctoral thesis research on the nutrition of preterm infants. He is the CEO of Neosupport.

David Polberger, M.Sc.

David started building Calcapp as a computer science undergraduate at Lund University in 2003. He worked as a technical lead and team leader at Sony Ericsson from 2005 until 2008 and as an Android consultant at Sony Mobile from 2012 to 2013. He is the CTO of Neosupport and the director of its board.