Build and test your app for free. When you're ready to deploy it to users, select a paid plan.

What kind of app are you building?

Private app plans

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Public app plans

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Embedded app plans

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Is there a free trial?

Yes. When you create an account, a 30-day free trial period is started. You have unlimited access to Calcapp during this period. To ensure that your published apps continue working after the trial period, be sure to sign up for a paid plan before the trial's end date. (Need to have your trial period extended? Let us know.)

Is there a free plan?

Yes. Our Free plan allows unlimited access to Calcapp Creator, our app designer, and Calcapp Connect, which allows app creators to run their own apps. As such, personal apps can be run on the Free plan. However, in order for others to run your apps, you need a paid plan.

The Free plan can also be used to create backup copies of your other apps. Copies are by default on the Free plan, meaning that you can create an unlimited number of archival copies at no extra cost.

How do public apps work?

A public app is accessible to anyone with a link to it — use a private apps instead if the app contains sensitive information. With public apps, you pay per app.

How do private apps work?

Private apps require your users to sign in before gaining access to your app. They all share the same private plan. With private apps, you pay per user and can use an unlimited number of apps.

We only count active users (defined as "having signed in at least once during a single calendar month"). That means that if you define 100 users, but think that only ten or fewer users will sign in during a single calendar month, you only pay for ten.

Can our users share a single private app user account?

No, doing so is against our Terms of Service. Also, this practice creates a bad user experience, where individual users cannot reset their passwords.

If we determine that multiple users share a single user account, we will reach out and ask you to make the appropriate changes.

How do embedded apps work?

Embedded apps are meant to be part of your website and cannot run as standalone apps. They all share the same embedded plan. The number of apps that can be put on the same plan varies depending on what plan you choose. Private and public apps can also be embedded, but the embedded plan is more cost-effective for sites with many apps.

Can my account have private, public and embedded apps?

Yes, you can use any combination you like. Line items for all plans you have subscribed to are made part of the same invoice.

Do prices include VAT in the EU?

No. If you're in the European Union and you don't enter a VAT number when entering billing information, VAT is added automatically to the final cost. If you're in Sweden, Swedish VAT is always added automatically. (We're based in Sweden.)

Do you offer an unlimited plan?

Yes, we offer an experience completely free of limits. Enjoy a streamlined experience without the hassle of having to manage the subscription plans of individual apps, with a simple toggle for determining if users need to sign into an app.

Pricing of our Unlimited plan is determined through negotiation. Contact us to learn more.

Where can I view our invoices?

Select View invoices... from the main menu

Do you store our credit card information?

No, but our payment provider Stripe does.

What happens if we go over the limits?

If you go over the plan limits and you're on a paid plan, your app will continue working normally. We will, however, reach out and ask you to upgrade to a more capable plan. Apps on the Free plan stop working when you hit the plan limits and only resume working once a new month rolls around.

What's a webhook?

A webhook can be initiated from your app to ask third-party products to perform services on behalf of your app, such as inserting a row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet or a database or post to a Slack channel.

What's in the White Label plan?

The White Label plan removes all traces of Calcapp branding and allows you to replace it with your own. You can remove or customize the loading screen (complete with your own logo and brand colors) and customize the sign-in screen for private apps (logo and brand colors).

Also, your own custom logo is used for the launcher icon for your app on iPhone, iPad and Android devices if your app is installed to a home screen. Finally, the discreet Calcapp logo at the bottom of the first screen is not present if you go with the White Label plan.

In addition, the White Label plan has far more generous app launch and report limits compared to the Business and Starter plans, allows apps to be almost arbitrarily large and comes with priority support.

Finally, only the White Label plan supports formula buttons that run action formulas. These formulas perform actions and can be used to model complex business logic.

Is there a discount for non-profits?

Yes! If you're working to make the world a better place, we'd like to offer a 50% discount on all Calcapp plans. To determine your eligibility, we'd like to see your official documentation (such as your 501(c)(3) document in the US or your charity number). Please contact us to apply for the discount.

Where can I learn more?

We have a guide which walks you through the plan selection process. You're also welcome to contact us.