Feature: Streamlined experience for our Unlimited plan

Our Unlimited plan offers an experience completely free of limits, now supported by a new streamlined user interface.

Some of our customers have requirements not easily met by our regular plans. Those needs may include thousands of public apps, or tens of thousands of users of private apps, which would be cost-prohibitive with our regular plans.

Still other customers may prefer not to pay extra for every public app they create, and instead pay a fixed yearly fee for unlimited access to Calcapp.

We have accommodated these customers from the start with our Unlimited plan, but the experience has not been tailored for them. That changes today.

Here’s the start screen for an app, with an Unlimited plan:

The start screen for our Unlimited plan

Notice anything different? The Change plan button is no longer in the upper-left corner. Instead, there is a simple toggle between private and public apps. Much easier.

Also, the Manage apps window now only differentiates between public and private apps (instead of listing all your apps by plan):

The Manage apps window for our Unlimited plan

Pricing of our Unlimited plan is determined through negotiation. Contact us to learn more.

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