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All-in-one business apps made easy

Create an app for your business with everything you need, including checklists, calculators, manuals and an address book. Our no-code app builder requires no programming skills.


Checklist apps are perfect for situations where a number of precise steps need to be carried out

Address book

Add contacts to your app to enable staff members to place calls or send email directly from your app

Works offline

Apps work offline, so that network connectivity issues won't stop your employees from doing their jobs

Powerful calculators

Connect Excel-like formulas—with support for close to 300 functions—to the fields of your app. Formulas can also be used to determine if a field should be visible, what recipients a report should be sent to and whether a button should be grayed-out. They can also be used to flag possibly erroneous values.

Ease of use

Apps present clear forms which are much easier to use than a spreadsheet grid in a high-stress environment

Fewer errors

Unlike spreadsheets, apps can't be accidentally tampered with and as a result produce fewer errors


Users can optionally be required to sign in, thereby ensuring that sensitive information is protected

PDF reports, Excel, Slack and more

Collect information from your users with text and number fields, check boxes and sliders. At the press of a button, email PDF or CSV reports. Through Zapier and similar services, buttons can add collected data to spreadsheets and databases, post to Slack channels and more.

All the services you can use with Calcapp

No installation

Apps can run through any web browser, so they don't need to be installed by your IT department

Rich text

Use lists, links, headings, different fonts and high-resolution images to liven up your documentation

Safety first

Use validation to flag potentially invalid input or results, ensuring that errors are caught early

We used traditional spreadsheets for many years to help our customers plan and operate water treatment systems using our products. Today, Calcapp has helped us move these calculations into an accessible mobile tool, enabling us to deepen our customer relationships.
Eric Bradley
Product Line Manager, Dober

App plus web

A calculator can be embedded in a website, but also run as an app on iOS and Android. Once installed, your app is accessible from your users' home screens. Apps run offline.

Your app installed on an iPhone
Our business provides invoice and tax remittance services for the self-employed and I needed a calculator for our website. Outside developers asked for $4,000. As an experienced Excel user, I was able to easily create the app myself. I recommend Calcapp to anyone looking to create calculators.
Tom Glendestam

Our no-code app builder

Design your app graphically using our easy-to-use DIY tool. Use the live preview to test your app and then publish it at the press of a button.

Our easy-to-use app builder
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