Bug report: Improvements in December

Keyboard shortcuts now work the way you expect and all percentages are displayed correctly in your apps.

While we won’t release an official December release containing new features, we have still found the time to fix a few bugs:

  • You can use your left and right arrow keys to move the caret in field captions in Calcapp Creator yet again.
  • Percentages now work correctly in your apps. Previously, entering a percentage such as 3.5% would display 3.500000000004%.

Also, we spend most of our time developing Calcapp and not using it. That’s unfortunate, because that means that undesired behaviors sometimes creep in without us noticing. Thankfully, we spend some of our time helping our users out, and that gives us a good excuse to use Calcapp.

Recently, we helped Steve with his animal drug dosage app and we noticed that editing text now worked in surprising ways. Pressing Enter for a new line sometimes shifted the keyboard focus to the formula bar, and pressing the up and down arrow keys moved the keyboard focus to a new item (such as a field). Clearly, the global keyboard shortcuts we introduced a month ago in the October update were interfering with our ability to edit text.

It annoyed us enough that we dropped what we were doing (enabling formulas to reference fields on other panels) and fixed it immediately. When you’re editing a text item, the up and down arrow keys will now navigate in your text, as expected, and the Enter key will always insert a new line. To move to the previous or next item instead, press and hold the control key when pressing up or down to get the old behavior back.

If you notice issues like this one, let us know – write us, and we just might fix the issue right away.

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