We've successfully moved Calcapp to Google Cloud

Calcapp was successfully moved to Google Cloud today. Calcapp Creator was read-only for roughly an hour and Calcapp Connect was fully offline for three minutes. All services are now fully operational.

Calcapp was successfully moved to Google Cloud today. The move happened at roughly four in the afternoon (Central European Summer Time). The new servers are located in Iowa in the United States.

Calcapp Connect was offline for roughly three minutes due to a configuration error. (You should have been able to load shared apps already on your phone during this time, as apps work offline and that also applies when our servers are down.) By necessity, Calcapp Creator would not accept changes to be made to apps for roughly an hour, but service is now fully restored.

Thank you for your patience! We’re hard at work adding support for rich, formatted text and links. We’re looking forward to sharing our progress with you through this blog.

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