Bug report: Panel labels and app titles with spaces

Inserting spaces in panel labels and app titles now works again. We have completed work on the new payment experience and are working hard on supporting apps that require users to sign in.

Today, we started creating an app for a client and noticed something peculiar: inserting spaces in panel titles and app names didn’t work. We investigated, and it turned out that a third-party code library we use for accessibility was to blame (making screen readers used by the blind or partially sighted work better). The bug has now been fixed.

When a software feature stops working as intended, this is known as a regression. If you spot one, please let us know. We do have thousands of automated tests that we run, but they will never be able to catch all bugs.

Following up on our last status update, we have for the most part completed the payment experience. As with all Calcapp features, we try to get it right from the very beginning, meaning that our payment experience and plan experience will be very flexible from the start. Need two private apps (requiring users to sign in) to be used internally in your organization, one for use by your customers and another three to be embedded in your website? That will be easily doable with our new payment experience, without your having to create separate accounts.

We are currently working hard on private apps. We have learned that some customers intend to add as many as 50,000 users to a single app, and we’re using some novel techniques to ensure that you’ll be able to view and edit such a huge list of users. (Panels with hundreds of fields can slow down in Calcapp Creator and we’re looking forward to applying the same techniques to app editing in the future.)

We won’t be able to release this new version in 2018, but we’re looking forward to shipping it early next year once we feel that the quality is where we want it.

See you next year!

PS. This blog is updated far less frequently now that we’re in the home stretch (about to finish the initial commercial version of Calcapp). We do try to update our social media channels once a week with screenshots of features we’re developing and other tidbits. If you’re starved for Calcapp news, our Facebook page, LinkedIn page and Twitter feed should have you covered. (Also, if you’re not much for social media, rest assured that this blog is updated with all substantial content we publish.)

PS2. Google+ for consumers will shut down next year. We’re still updating our page there, and will continue to do so as long as we’re able, but we suggest that you migrate to a different social network if you still rely on Google+ for your Calcapp news.

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