Removed layout features

While our upcoming Calcapp release brings many new features to the table, a few are slated for removal. We are removing trailing captions and separators.

You may recall that the current release allows you to have captions not only to the left of fields but also to the right of them. This was originally intended as a space for units (such as “lbs”), with captions appearing in column number one, fields in column number two and trailing captions in column number three. During development, however, we realized that mobile devices rarely had space for three columns and we instead decided to enable units to be incorporated into the fields themselves. (To add a trailing unit to a field, simply type the unit into the field in Calcapp Creator and it will appear after the field value when you run your app.) Trailing captions, however, stuck around.

With the emergence of more flexible app layouts, we have finally decided to remove trailing captions. When you open apps where you have used trailing captions, they will automatically be converted to trailing units. (If a field with a trailing caption already has a trailing unit, the caption and unit will be merged.)

We understand that sometimes it’s desirable to have captions to the right of fields. We hope to enable more layout options in the future, enabling you to design custom layout grids. While the impetus for allowing you to design custom grids is mainly to enable you to put multiple fields in one row, it would also enable you to put captions wherever you like, including to the right of fields.

Also, we are removing separators. This feature was intended to help you separate fields from one another. However, there was really very little difference between creating a new group (without a caption) and a separator. When you open an app where you have used separators, you will find that they are no longer present. Create new groups instead to achieve a similar effect.

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