A major update is coming!

We released the first preview version of Calcapp Creator and Calcapp Connect early this year. We have spent the majority of our time since then on a major new update based on the feedback you have given us. We’re excited to finally be able to share details on what this new release will contain.

The headline item is that we will soon support 244 formula functions. (The current Calcapp release only supports 20 functions.) There is a new function browser with documentation for all the new functions. You will also be able to build formulas by pointing and clicking on fields to have their names inserted into your formula, just like you can reference cells in Excel formulas by clicking on them.

Another major change is that the new release will not only support numbers, but also text and dates. That means that you will be able to ask users to enter dates, times and text strings and use formulas to manipulate them. You will also be able to use switches in your apps, enabling users to easily change a field from TRUE to FALSE and back again.

Also, support for formatting numbers is coming. The current release always formats (output) numbers with two decimal places. With the new release, you have control over the number of decimal places that are used. Also, you will be able to format numbers as percentages, currencies or fractions or use scientific notation (displaying 10000 as 1.00E+04, for instance).

Sometimes your formulas don’t work the way you intended. Our upcoming release will clearly display errors and provides a number of functions for dealing with errors.

We have made some changes to the formula syntax (the ceil() function is now known as CEILING, for instance). That means that once the new version is live, you may have to update your formulas to make your apps work again.

Finally, the way the fields of your apps are laid out will change with our upcoming release. Field captions will no longer be limited to one row, and neither captions nor the fields themselves will be cut off arbitrarily. (Also, two rarely-used layout features have been removed.)

Are there still missing features that prevent you from using Calcapp? Let us know!

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