Introducing Calcapp and our new website

Today we’re excited to launch a new website for Calcapp, which includes learning resources, this blog and an opportunity to sign up for our preview release. Our aim with Calcapp is to allow you to create calculator apps using the skills you’ve already honed when creating spreadsheets. Today, mobile devices are everywhere, and yet creating line-of-business apps for your company is expensive and time-consuming. We aim to change that.

Calcapp consists of our app designer Calcapp Creator as well as Calcapp Connect, which is used to run your apps. Design and fine-tune your apps using Calcapp Creator and check your progress on your mobile device. Calcapp supports hundreds of the Excel functions you already know and apps can be run using any web browser, on your mobile device or on your PC or Mac.

We’re currently busy building Calcapp and most of the content we post on this blog will likely center around new functionality we introduce. In the long run, though, we hope to use this space to also share tips and tricks for using Calcapp.

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