What's next: App sharing

This week saw the release of a major update, bringing 244 functions, support for formatting numbers and a function browser. While Calcapp Creator and Calcapp Connect are now far more capable, we still have a lot of work to do.

Next, we will focus on enabling you to share the apps you build. Today, you can essentially only create apps for yourself, which seriously limits you as an app designer.

When this feature is complete and you share apps, your users will gain the ability to use your apps, but not change them. Also, it’s important that you’re able to continue editing apps without interfering with your users’ ability to run them. (You wouldn’t want a user to try to run your app while you’re writing its formulas, for instance, as it most likely wouldn’t run and might produce the wrong results if it did.) As such, Calcapp Creator will ask you to explicitly tell it when an app is ready to be shared.

(In the future, we want to expand on this and enable you to maintain different revisions—or versions—of your apps. You could have a version one and a version two of your app, for instance, and users still on version one would then be able to use the older version until they were ready to migrate, while braver users could use version two straight away. Professional software developers use what is called version control to keep track of the different versions of the software they create and this is precisely what we want to bring to Calcapp eventually.)

We’re still in the early design phase of getting this feature out the door, but we’ll use this space to keep you updated as the design matures!

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