Feature: Insert cross-references in formulas (video)

You can now reference fields from other panels by clicking on them when you're editing a formula. You can also reference buttons and the other items that make up an app from your formulas by clicking on them.

When you type formulas, you reference other fields by either typing their names manually or by clicking them to have their names inserted automatically in your formula. When we introduced support for cross-references in February, you had to type cross-references manually. Also, you could only insert field names, and not names of buttons and text boxes and the other items that make up your app. (Being able to reference, say, buttons is important now that Calcapp supports calculated properties.)

With our March release, these issues have been addressed. When you’re editing formulas and you reach a position where inserting the name of a field or other item makes sense (such as after “+”), your fields will light up in the same way as before, allowing you to click them. (We have made the effect more subtle and added an animation, though.) Buttons and other items will now also light up, as will the back and forward navigation buttons.

If you click the back of forward buttons when they are lit up, you are shown the desired panel, but the selected item doesn’t change, meaning that your formula in the formula bar stays put. You can then click items of the panel you have navigated to, inserting their names in the formula (including the name of the panel, which is required when referencing other panels).

When you’re in this mode, the formula bar adds a link to the original panel before the name field. To quickly return to this panel, just click the link. You can also click an item of the panel you’re currently viewing to continue editing that particular panel.

This is easier to explain with a video:

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