Bug report: Asked to reload your app again and again?

If you can't run your app because a message asks you to reload the app, don't press the button. Ignore it for a few minutes and then press OK on the new message that has appeared.

When you run an app, are you presented with a message asking you to “reload” it? If you press the button, are you then informed of the same thing again and again, preventing your from accessing your app? If so, you’re not alone.

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix: When you see the message with the Reload button, do nothing. Just let the message sit there for a couple of minutes. Then, another message appears with an OK button, asking you to press the button to launch the new version. You can now safely press OK to launch your app. All done!


When we update Calcapp, your apps initially run the old Calcapp version, which is stored on your device in case you need to work offline with your app. (Remember, apps created with Calcapp work offline.) In the background, a new update is downloaded and installed. That process usually takes a few seconds on Android and a few minutes on iOS (which is the operating system run by iPhone and iPad).

Normally, that means that you can interact with your app for a few seconds or even a few minutes before you’re asked to launch the update. You effectively run an old version of Calcapp, but one that can still work with the app it downloads from our server.

When we make a large update to Calcapp, though, our server detects that your Calcapp version is too old and refuses to send your app to your device. Instead, you get the dreaded message with the Reload button, as the server is telling you to please update your old Calcapp version. When you see this message, your browser or operating system is actually doing just that — it is downloading a new Calcapp version. Pressing the Reload button interrupts the update process, though, and what is reloaded is actually the old Calcapp version. Then, the entire process repeats itself. That’s why simply not pressing the button works — you just need to let your device download the update and wait for the message with the OK button, telling you that it has finished.

Obviously, there’s a bug here: The first message shouldn’t be displayed at all. This bug has now been fixed. In the future when we release a major update, this problem will simply go away.

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