Bug report: Can't return to your app after opening a report?

Have you tried opening a report through an app installed on your iPhone or iPad home screen, only to be unable to move back to the app? This issue has now been fixed.

Our latest release enables you to open reports directly from apps. This works fine if you’re using a desktop computer (running, say, Windows or macOS) or Android. If you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, though, you’ll encounter problems if you install such apps to your home screen.

You can install an app to your home screen to get a more “app-like experience,” without having your web browser visible at the same time as your app. If you do that, though, opening reports directly from your apps won’t work as you expect. If you open a report when viewing your app in Safari, you can return to your app by pressing the back arrow of the web browser. If your app has been installed to your home screen, though, the back arrow isn’t visible, so you’re stuck. The only way forward is to close the app and start again.

We have fixed this problem by forcing reports opened directly from an app to open in Safari and not in the app itself. That way, you can move back to your app using the app switcher. The only downside is that in order to do that, we need to pop up a message informing you that “the report is ready.” You’ll then need to press the Open button to open the report. (The extra message is only presented on iOS devices.)

This fix is available immediately.

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