Release: Our October, 2017 update is here

You can now use formatted text, including bold, italic and bulleted and numbered lists. Include links to not just websites, but also email addresses and phone numbers. Finally, reports can now be opened directly from apps.

What's new?

  • Formatted text. Use bold, italic, quotes, links, various headings and bulleted and numbered lists in text boxes. All features are keyboard-accessible for a smooth typing experience. Learn more »
  • Links. Calcapp now supports inserting links to web addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. Linking to a phone number enables users on cell phones to place calls directly from an app. Email links cause a user's email client to appear, with the recipients, subject line and message body you specify. Learn more »
  • Open reports directly from your apps. Reports can now be opened directly from an app, instead of having them emailed. Use the new feature on its own, or use it as a preview feature your users can use to check reports before sending them. Learn more »
  • We've moved to Google Cloud. To ensure that we continue to deliver a great experience as we grow, Calcapp has moved to Google Cloud. Learn more »

Tips for getting the most out of Calcapp

  • Tip: Display a time duration in your apps. There is no built-in way to display a time duration in your apps, but you can easily use formulas to achieve the same result. Read this tip to learn how to display time durations like "1:05", indicating that one hour and five minutes have elapsed. Learn more »
  • Add a "debug mode" to your apps. Making hidden fields visible can be useful when you're developing your app. Add a "debug mode" switch to your first screen and tie the Visible property of all hidden fields to this debug switch to easily make all hidden fields visible. Then, hide the switch before you share the app. Learn more »
  • Need help? That's what we're here for. During the beta, we offer free email support. Get in touch »

Coming soon

Insert your own images in apps and more.

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