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Feature: Links

Calcapp now supports inserting links to web addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Linking to a phone number enables users on cell phones to place calls directly from an app. E-mail links cause a user's e-mail client to appear, with the recipients, subject line and message body you specify.

Calcapp now supports formatted text, including the ability to insert links in apps. Select any text in a text box, using your mouse or keyboard, and then press the Ctrl+K keyboard shortcut or press the button on the formatting toolbar:

Creating a web link

By default, links go to web pages. In the image above, the link leads to this very site. You can also make links go to e-mail addresses and phone numbers by pressing the menu button initially labeled :

The link menu

A link to an e-mail address will prompt the user to send a new e-mail to the address you specify. Optionally, you can provide a subject line for the e-mail, carbon copy (CC) and blind carbon copy (BCC) addresses as well as a message body:

Creating an e-mail address link

Separate multiple e-mail addresses with colons.

E-mail links require the user to have an e-mail client set up. If you want to gather feedback from a user who may or may not be set up with an e-mail address and e-mail client, you can ask for feedback in the app itself and send the data as a report.

You can also link to phone numbers:

Creating a phone number link

Links to phone numbers generally only work well on cell phones. Remember to include the phone number in the link text itself (or elsewhere in the text box) to enable users on desktops or tablets to call the phone number.

When you’re done editing a link, press Enter. To remove a link, press the button on the formatting toolbar when a link is active. Pressing Ctrl+K when the cursor is positioned in a link in a text box focuses the link address or phone number so you can edit it. Pressing Ctrl+K again removes the link and moves the keyboard focus back to the text box. Remember that you can always press Ctrl+Alt+I to move focus between the inspector and the app designer.

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