Feature: Customize the loading screen

You can now customize the loading screen, also known as the splash screen. Change the colors or hide the logo, the progress indicator or both. You can also fully disable the loading screen, which is useful for apps embedded in websites.

The loading screen, also known as the splash screen, appears when your app is loading. Here’s the default appearance:

The default appearance of the loading screen

Our latest release enables you to customize the loading screen. Here are some examples:

The loading screen is customized through the start screen introduced last month. Here’s the new Loading screen section in the inspector of Calcapp Creator:

The inspector properties for the loading screen

You can change the colors of the progress indicator (known as a spinner) and the background. You can also elect to hide the Calcapp logo, the spinner, or both (leaving you with just the background). If you don’t set the background color, the primary color of the app is used. If you don’t set the spinner color, your app’s accent color is used.

There’s also the option of doing away with the loading screen altogether. This is useful mainly if you’re embedding apps in your website. There’s really no point to having four apps visibly load when people visit your site. If you disable the loading screen, your app is completely transparent until it is ready, which should make for a less jarring experience when people visit your site.

You can’t yet upload your own image to use as a logo. This feature is expected to arrive soon.

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