Release: Our April, 2018 update is here

You can now import spreadsheet data and use it with drop-down fields. Watch our video tutorial to learn how to use the new feature. Also, customize the loading screen and use powerful new formula functions to process text. Finally, new color themes make it a snap to experiment with app colors.

What's new?

  • Use spreadsheet data with drop-down fields. Import spreadsheet data directly for use with drop-down fields. Paste the data from your table into our app to automatically generate Calcapp formulas. Learn more »
  • Video tutorial: Importing table data for drop-downs. Our new app imports data directly from spreadsheets. This video tutorial walks you through the entire process. Learn more »
  • Edit drop-down values as text. Values of drop-down fields can now be edited as text. This feature makes it possible to paste values from a spreadsheet all at once. Learn more »
  • Customize the loading screen. You can now customize the loading screen, also known as the splash screen. Change the colors or hide the logo, the progress indicator or both. You can also fully disable the loading screen, which is useful for apps embedded in websites. Learn more »
  • Color themes and app-wide colors. We have added a theme selector with five pre-defined color themes to allow you to more easily experiment with colors. Learn more »
  • Powerful new text-processing functions. Calcapp now supports three new text-processing functions, enabling you to determine if text matches a certain pattern and to extract and replace text, also using patterns. The three functions use so-called regular expressions. Learn more »
  • The CHOOSE function, an alternative to IF. The new CHOOSE function can be used as a compact, fast alternative to IF in some situations. Use it together with the Index property of drop-down fields to quickly return data matching a value selected by your user. Learn more »
  • The Index property of drop-down fields. The new Index property of drop-down fields returns the numeric position of the selected value and the Size property returns the number of values. Index is designed to work well with the new CHOOSE function. Learn more »

Tips for getting the most out of Calcapp

  • Sample app: Import data from spreadsheet columns Our latest sample app converts spreadsheet column data to formulas for use with drop-down fields. This post explains in detail how it was built. Learn more »
  • Display quotes in a text field using a formula. Text fields with multiple lines work great for displaying text you "calculate" using a formula. Read this tip to learn how to include quotation marks in calculated text. Learn more »
  • Need help? That's what we're here for. During the beta, we offer free email support. Get in touch »

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