Build your startup on Calcapp

A growing number of makers are looking to build their startups on Calcapp, the no-code tool of choice when calculations are your focus. We're now announcing our startup program, which gives you free access to Calcapp while building your product, provided that you're willing to share revenue with us later.

It’s no secret that most Calcapp users build apps that are only used internally in their organizations. However, we are seeing increased interest from makers looking to build their entire businesses on a no-code tool such as Calcapp.

Calcapp is really one of a kind in the otherwise vast universe of no-code tools allowing you to build apps without doing any traditional programming. While there are lots of tools facilitating app creation if you need to collect and visualize data or build traditional web pages, Calcapp’s strong focus on calculations makes it unique. If you’re looking to build an app business centered on, say, providing prescription drug calculations or financial calculations, Calcapp is really the only game in town.

However, we recognize that our price structure (where you pay a monthly or annual fee) may make it hard to build an app business on Calcapp, especially if you’re low on funds. As such, we’d like to take this opportunity to announce that we’re open to other arrangements if you’re building a serious no-code startup on Calcapp.

Provided that you’re willing to share your future revenue with us (we’d take a cut just like Google does with Google Play and Apple does with its App Store), we’d be happy to give you free access to Calcapp so that you can build your product. We’ll also do everything we can to support you along the way. We’ll expect you to update us on your progress so that we can formalize our business arrangement once your product starts to mature.

Does this sound interesting? Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss your specific needs.

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