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Release: Our August update is now available

This update enables you to share apps with others and allows you to use shared apps offline. It also fixes a usability problem on Android devices. Here is a list of the changes:

  • You can now share apps through e-mail, social media and through your own website.
  • Shared apps can be used offline.
  • On Android, back navigation now works as expected, meaning that pressing the back button will now navigate inside your app instead of bringing you back to a previously visited site.
  • There are two new guides on our website, detailing how to share apps and how to run them offline and add them to your home screen.

We have a presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Be sure to use these communities to keep track of our progress or to ask us questions. (You're also welcome to send us e-mail and you can keep track of new blog posts using the RSS feed.)

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