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Running apps

This page helps you install apps to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet and also helps you run apps offline. Finally, it helps you type decimal numbers on an iPhone.

Tip: If you’re creating apps using Calcapp and sharing them with users, consider pointing them to this page to improve their experience.

Installing apps to your home screen

Apps produced with Calcapp can be made available from the home screen of your phone or tablet. Doing so has the added benefit of apps taking up your entire screen, like regular apps not run through a web browser.

This is what a standalone app created with Calcapp looks like on an iPhone and on an Android handset:

On an iPhone or an iPad, run the shared app you are interested in through the Safari web browser, press the share button and then select Add to Home Screen. This button is button number five from the left — only the first three buttons are visible at first, meaning that you need to tap and drag to make it visible:

On Android, run the shared app through the Chrome browser and select Add to Home screen from the menu:

Adding an app to your Android home screen

(If you can’t find the “Add to Home screen” menu item in Chrome, start by adding a bookmark to your app and then add the home screen shortcut by long-pressing a blank area of your home screen and selecting the appropriate option.)

These instructions apply to apps that have been shared. If you’re building apps yourself using Calcapp Creator, you need to share them first before you can add them to your home screen. While you can add Calcapp Connect to your home screen to run apps full-screen that you haven’t shared, you then need to select the desired app every time you open Calcapp Connect. For a more seamless experience, share the app first.

Running apps offline

Shared apps can be used offline. Be sure to run them once before going offline, to ensure that they are stored on your device. You can run shared apps using your web browser when you’re offline by visiting the link you were given. If you’re running apps on your phone or tablet, though, we suggest that you add apps you intend to use offline to your home screen for ease of access.

On Android and on desktop web browsers, shared apps are ready for offline use the moment you can start interacting with them. If you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, though, you may need to wait up to a minute the first time you open a shared app before it is ready to be used offline. (A message will pop up when it is ready.) We suggest enabling airplane mode to test whether an app is available offline.

Using the keypad on your iPhone

Apps built with Calcapp use a keypad built for numeric entry when a number field is selected:

The keypad on an iPhone does not have keys for decimal separators or minus signs. To type a decimal separator on your iPhone keypad, tap the button marked +*# and then on either of the * or # buttons. To type a minus sign, tap the + button:

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