Feature: Use your own logo

Use your own logo with your app to raise awareness of your brand. The logo is displayed on the loading screen and on home screens your app has been added to.

Calcapp now enables you to associate your logo with your app. The logo appears on home screens your app has been added to, on your app’s loading screen and when you share your app on social media.

The inspector has a new Logo section which is displayed when the start screen is active:

The inspector with the default logo

The new section displays two variants of the same logo, with the captions Loading screen image and Launcher icon. As the names imply, the first image is used in the loading screen, displayed when an app is loading, and the second image is used on the home screens your app has been added to.

Actually, these two images are used in other contexts as well. If you like, you can think of the loading screen image as the regular image and the launcher icon as the square image. The regular image is not only used as the loading screen image but also when sharing apps to social media. The square image is not only used for your app’s launcher icon but is also used to represent your app in web browser tabs.

For this blog post, let’s try a custom logo. Here’s the regular version:

The regular version of a fictitious logo

Here’s the square version:

The square version of a fictitious logo

To enable these images to be used as your logo, you can click either image to have a file picker appear or you can drag and drop the images from your file manager (like Explorer in Windows or Finder in macOS).

Here’s the inspector, once more, with our custom images:

The inspector with logo for a fictitious company

We have not only changed the images, we have also changed the primary color and the accent color to suit the brand. The background color of the regular image changes to reflect the loading screen color.

Here’s what the loading screen looks like with the new settings on an iPhone:

The loading screen with custom settings

When your app is added to a home screen of a phone, the square image is used. Here’s what the logo looks like on the home screens of an iPhone and an Android device:

Adding an app to the home screen with a custom icon on iOS Adding an app to the home screen with a custom icon on Android
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