When you’re busy creating apps in Calcapp Creator, the changes you make are constantly sent to our server for safekeeping. (Once every five seconds, in fact, meaning that you stand to lose at most five seconds of work if you, say, suffer a power outage.)

We recently took the time to look at the volume of data you store, and more specifically, the rate at which it grows. Here’s a chart visualizing that growth, with the size of the data stored by our users on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis (the light blue line is a trend line):

Our database growth over time

On the horizontal axis, the chart runs from late December 2015 (when we released the first preview release) to the middle of September, 2016. After some initial interest, you can clearly see that the chart levels off. Growth starts to pick up in June, 2016, when we released a major update to that first preview release. (It added support for and documented 244 Excel-compatible formula functions, brought with it a new website, overhauled error handling, added number formatting as well as support for date and switch fields.)

A pivotal release arrived in August, 2016, when we finally enabled you to share the apps you build with the world. As you can see, growth has been great since that release. Our latest release was comparatively minor (adding support for drop-down menus and hidden fields, which help cut down on formula repetition), but adds long-requested features. We’re excited to see how it will impact growth — and we’re thrilled to see lots of new apps being created that use the new features.

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