Release: Our June, 2017 update is here

Copy and paste panels, fields and other items. Use the new Panels sidebar to reorder your panels and quickly navigate to them. Insert panels anywhere in your app.

What's new?

  • Copy and paste. Use our new copy and paste feature to copy fields and other items from one panel to another or to copy entire panels. This is a great way to copy data from one app to another. Read more »
  • New sidebar. The new Panels sidebar allows you to quickly navigate to individual panels. You can also reorganize panels by dragging and dropping them. Read more »
  • Better panel removal. Remove panels without also removing the panels that follow them. As a result, you can now do things like removing the first panel of an app without touching the rest of the app. Read more »
  • Insert panels anywhere. New menu items insert a new panel before the panel you’re currently editing. Read more »
  • Faster, leaner. Calcapp Creator is much faster when editing large apps and consumes far less memory. Read more »

Tips for getting the most out of Calcapp

  • A better way to convert spreadsheet formulas. Spreadsheet formulas usually use position-based references like A2 to refer to cells while Calcapp formulas use names. Rewriting formulas manually when you're converting a spreadsheet to an app is tedious and error-prone. This post explains how you can make Calcapp Creator do the work for you. Read more »
  • Present text in number fields. You can use data validation to present an error message alongside an output number field. Sometimes you want to display the message in the field itself, though. This blog post shows you two ways to accomplish this. Read more »
  • Need help? That's what we're here for. During the beta, we offer free email support. Get in touch »

Coming soon

Formatted text, image uploads, custom colors and more.

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