Release: Our June, 2018 update is here

Add your own images to text boxes and use a selection of 26 fonts to make your apps look better. Use new text formatting options, like centered and underlined text. Finally, make your brand truly come through by using a custom logo that appears on your users' home screens.

What's new?

  • Insert images in text boxes. You can now insert your own images in text boxes. They can either be centered or float to the right or to the left of the text. A slider lets you adjust the image width. Images work offline and are responsive, meaning that they work well on any screen. Learn more »
  • Your own logo. Use your own logo with your app to raise awareness of your brand. The logo is displayed on the loading screen and on home screens your app has been added to. Learn more »
  • 26 fonts for use in text boxes. You can now use 26 new fonts when formatting text in text boxes, including serif, sans-serif, monospace and playful display fonts. Custom fonts work even when your app runs offline. Learn more »
  • Formatted text improvements. Calcapp now supports text alignment, underlined and strikethrough text and different font sizes. Learn more »

Tips for getting the most out of Calcapp

  • Video: Send data to Google Sheets, Slack and other services. Would you like your apps to add data to spreadsheet or database rows or send messages to Slack channels? What about creating sales leads in Salesforce or posting directly to Wordpress? Watch our video tutorial to learn how to achieve this and more using the third-party Zapier service. Learn more »
  • Tip: Assign default values to date and time fields. Date and time fields can be instructed to display a default value that appears when a user opens your app. You need to use formulas to set these values. This tip contains a number of useful such formulas, including one that selects a date seven days after the current date as the initial value. Learn more »
  • Need help? That's what we're here for. During the beta, we offer free email support. Get in touch »

Coming soon

Private apps requiring users to sign in and more.

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