Release: Our July, 2019 update is here

Make apps embedded in your website look great with lots of new options. Our new auto-height feature automatically resizes your iframes to match your apps. A new JavaScript library enables host pages to interact with apps. Microsoft Flow is now better supported. Finally, we announce our startup program.

What's new?

  • More visual options for embedded apps. Easily apply borders and shadows to embedded apps with the revamped embed tab which appears when you share an app, with a live preview. Learn more »
  • Auto-height for embedded apps. The new auto-height feature for embedded apps changes the height of the containing iframe to match the contents displayed by the app, so you'll never waste space on your page with an oversized iframe. Learn more »
  • Use JavaScript with embedded apps. Host pages can now interact with their embedded apps through our new JavaScript library. For instance, host pages can now get all values of an app through the library. We expect this feature to be used by third-party services wishing to integrate with Calcapp. Learn more »
  • Use Microsoft Flow with JSON schema. Microsoft Flow enables you to glue your apps together with thousands of services, like Excel or Slack, in the same vein as Zapier. It needs a so-called JSON schema to work, though, which are tedious to write. Calcapp Creator can now generate them for you. Learn more »

Build your startup on Calcapp

A growing number of makers are looking to build their startups on Calcapp, the no-code tool of choice when calculations are your focus. We're now announcing our startup program, which gives you free access to Calcapp while building your product, provided that you're willing to share revenue with us later. Learn more »

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