Changes to our subscription plans

We are introducing a new set of plans at higher price points. Existing apps stay on the old plans at the old prices, with access to most of our new features. The new button types, the data editor, named values and action formulas require you to upgrade to a 2023 plan.

As part of our new release, we are introducing a new set of plans, at higher price points.

If you’re a customer today, nothing changes. You get access to most of the new features, and what you pay stays the same.

However, if you want access to most of the new button types, the data editor or named values, you must upgrade to a 2023 Business plan. If you want access to formula buttons and action formulas, you must upgrade to a 2023 White Label plan.

The 2023 Business plan costs $29 per month (USD) and the 2023 White Label plan costs $69 per month. If you go for an annual plan, you get 20 percent off.

The 2023 Starter plan is still $9 per month, because we strongly feel that it should be inexpensive to create a simple calculator (and because our Starter customers tend to upgrade). The 2023 version does not include access to any buttons, though.

The legacy plans are no longer available when you switch plans. Existing apps will continue to stay on them, though, and there are no plans at this time to fully discontinue them.

To upgrade to a 2023 plan, click the Change plan button in the inspector when you first open an app.


A lot of our customers are seeing their costs go up, due to inflation and other factors, and we’re no different. As such, we’d like to boost revenue, but without causing our customers economic hardship, most of which are small- and medium-sized businesses.

By allowing existing apps to stay on the legacy plans, while making some of the new features exclusive to our new plans, we are trying to thread the needle: boost revenue from some of our existing customers, without increasing costs for customers who choose to stay on the legacy plans.

For more on our thinking, refer to what we wrote when we announced this change more than two months ago.

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