Feature: Undo and redo

Calcapp Creator now features undo and redo buttons that bring your work back if you inadvertently delete it.

It’s been a long time coming, but our latest release finally adds support for undoing and redoing actions you take while building apps in Calcapp Creator. Here are the new buttons in the toolbar:

The undo and redo buttons in the toolbar

All actions you take in the main designer can be undone through these buttons. However, performing actions in other windows (such as editing users of private apps and making changes to your subscription) can typically not be undone.

The new data editor provides its own undo and redo buttons.

Apps other than Calcapp Creator typically store past actions in memory, a precious commodity. For that reason, these apps often limit the number of steps you can undo to a small number. Calcapp Creator is different, in that your browser’s built-in database is used to store large changes. For that reason, you can undo a large number of changes, specifically 500 changes.

When Calcapp first launched as a beta in early 2016, we weren’t sure if there would be a market for our new product. As such, we prioritized adding features to adding a proper undo system. After all, why spend time on adding support for undo if the product would not find any takers?

It did find takers, and in highsight, we should have added support for undo and redo much earlier. If you have ever lost data from inadvertently removing something from your app, and cursed the lack of an undo button, we’re sorry it took this long.

With proper support for undo and redo, there is less of a need to regularly store checkpoints of your work. We think that many users, ourselves included, will find editing apps to be a less stressful experience, knowing that if you take the wrong action, getting your work back is only a button away.

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