Release: Our January, 2018 update is here

Add steppers to number fields to make it easy to change their values using plus and minus buttons. Sliders take up more space, but make it even easier to experiment. There are also new formula functions, improved support for embedding apps in websites and a rewritten tour template.

Important: If you can’t run your shared apps because a message asks you to reload them, don’t press the button. Ignore it for a few minutes and then press OK on the new message that has appeared. Learn more »

What's new?

  • Steppers enable users to quickly increase or decrease numbers using dedicated buttons, displayed next to the value. A variety of properties are available for customizing steppers, including minimum and maximum values. Learn more »
  • Sliders enable users to rapidly change the value of a number field within a defined range. On mobile devices with cumbersome on-screen keypads, we expect sliders to become the preferred way of experimenting with numeric inputs. Learn more »
  • New formula functions. The new formula functions TONUMBER, TOLOGICAL and TOTEXT make it easy to convert values to numbers, logical value and text strings, respectively. Converting numbers stored as text to true numbers was previously impossible if the number had a fractional part. Learn more »
  • New tour. The tour template shows off many of Calcapp's features and has been completely rewritten. The new tour demonstrates steppers, sliders, number formatting, date calculations, cross-references and more. There's even a color selector for the background color. Learn more »
  • Remove the navigation bar from apps. Remove the navigation bar from shared apps that have only one panel simply by ensuring that you don't type a panel title. This change especially benefits apps embedded in other websites. Learn more »
  • Better process for updating shared apps. The Share app button now reads Update app if your app has been shared. Changes you make to an app never go live for your users until you give the go-ahead by pressing the button. Learn more »

Tips for getting the most out of Calcapp

  • Only show fields users ask for. If only some users need to use a large number of fields, start off by showing only a few and give users the ability to add or remove fields using plus and minus buttons. That way, you'll present an uncluttered user interface to most users and only show lots of fields to users that really need them. Learn more »
  • Use multiple criteria with the IF formula function. Use the IF formula function to make logical comparisons when calculating values. To use multiple criteria, use the logical functions AND, OR and NOT. To make formulas read better, consider using Calcapp's &&, || and ! operators instead. Learn more »
  • Need help? That's what we're here for. During the beta, we offer free email support. Get in touch »

Coming soon

Insert your own images in apps and more.

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