Release: Our April, 2020 update is here

Apps now work better offline and, as a result, qualify as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). iPhone users can now easily enter decimal numbers. There are new features for managing users of private apps. Finally, we describe our upcoming project Calcapp 4, with much-improved support for tabular data.

What's new?

  • Improved offline experience, PWA support. Apps built with Calcapp now qualify as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), enabling more third-party tools to work with them. We have also made our offline experience more robust, flexible and performant. Learn more »
  • Easily enter decimal numbers on an iPhone. Apps run on iPhones now use a keypad with a decimal separator button, making it easy to enter decimal numbers. Learn more »
  • Add users in bulk, download users as CSV. Users who are permitted to access your private apps can now be added in bulk. Also, you can now download the entire list of users, complete with tags, as a CSV file, which can easily be imported into a spreadsheet. Learn more »
  • Improved email deliverability. We have significantly improved deliverability of email sent from, including reports sent from your apps. We now recommend that you use the Reply-To field, instead of the Sender field, to direct replies to your reports. Learn more »
  • Download app statistics as a CSV file. You can now download statistics for your app as a CSV file, which you can easily import into your spreadsheet. Use your spreadsheet's formulas to process the data and visualize it through graphs. For private apps, the CSV file has information on how individual users are using your app. Learn more »
  • Usage statistics on individual users. The Statistics window now enables you to learn how a particular user is using a private app. For such apps, there is a new drop-down menu with a list of all users you have defined in the Statistics window. Learn more »
  • No more blurry images. When you upload an image, we resize it to a number of lower resolutions so that low-resolution devices don't have to download more than they need. However, we failed to make the original version available, which could lead to blurry images. This issue has been fixed. Learn more »

Calcapp 4 is coming

Calcapp 4 will feature much-improved support for tabular data. Buttons will be able to initiate complex workflows and our formula language will gain many new features. We hope to deliver the first new features in a few months. Learn more »

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