Release: Our March, 2018 update is here

Create apps in one of our 79 supported languages, with correct formatting of numbers, dates and times. Make apps bigger or smaller with the new zoom level feature. Use eight new language-savvy functions to format values from formulas. Finally, you can now use formulas to determine labels of fields and buttons.

What's new?

  • Create apps in languages other than US English. Calcapp now supports 79 languages and 147 language variants, enabling numbers, dates and times to be formatted correctly. Learn more »
  • Change the size of your app user interface. Use the new zoom level feature to make apps appear larger or smaller. Associate a formula with the zoom level property to give your users control over the size with, say, a slider or a switch field. Learn more »
  • Determine labels through formulas. New properties enable you to set validation messages, field units and labels of groups, fields, buttons and list panel options through formulas. Learn more »
  • Apps now load faster. Apps and PDF reports are now compressed before being downloaded to your device, making them open faster. Large apps now often load in a few seconds instead of taking ten seconds or longer to load. Learn more »
  • Format numbers with new functions. Use four new functions to turn numbers into formatted text strings. Another four functions convert numbers stored in text strings to pure numbers. All 147 language variants are supported. Learn more »
  • Calcapp Creator has a new start screen. A new start screen now greets you when starting Calcapp Creator. Use it to set app-wide properties, like the app language and zoom level, and to change the app name. Learn more »
  • Determine the device type from formulas. New properties help you determine if your user is using an iPhone, an Android device, a Windows PC, an iPad or a Mac. Use this feature to do things like only showing a text box if the user is running an iPhone or changing app colors based on the operating system. Learn more »
  • Pad numbers with leading zeroes. You can now pad numbers with leading zeroes by setting a minimum number of integer digits in the inspector. With a minimum number of four digits, 23 is formatted as 0023. Learn more »
  • Force a 24-hour clock for time fields. Some countries use a 12-hour clock in everyday life, but a 24-hour clock in some professions. Our new release enables you to use a language that normally uses a 12-hour clock and still use a 24-hour clock for some time fields. Learn more »
  • Customize subject lines of reports. Assign subject lines to reports you send from apps with our new release. You can determine the subject line using a formula, enabling you to include parts of the report in the subject line itself. Use this feature in conjunction with labels or rules in your email client to automatically sort incoming reports. Learn more »

Tips for getting the most out of Calcapp

  • Sample app: Calculating shared household expenses. Our new sample app is a calculator for shared household expenses. It enables users to define recurring expenses in one panel and fields for those expenses are then created in another panel. This app demonstrates formula-driven labels. Learn more »
  • Include only selected fields in reports. Reports sent by your users normally contain all fields of your app or only the fields of the current panel. This tip demonstrates how you can select precisely what fields to include, which cuts down on the size of the reports. Learn more »
  • Need help? That's what we're here for. During the beta, we offer free email support. Get in touch »

Coming soon

Customize the loading screen, insert your own images in apps and more.

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