Release: Our April, 2019 update is here

We're adding support for paid plans and ending our beta program, requiring you to upgrade your shared apps to a paid plan. Make your apps private to require your users to sign in before gaining access. Use the new Statistics window to gain insights into your app's performance.

What's new?

  • Paid plans. Calcapp now supports paid plans and we are ending our beta program. To ensure that your apps continue working, upgrade them to a paid plan before May 14. This post walks you through the steps you need to take to upgrade your apps. Learn more »
  • Private apps requiring users to sign in. Private apps require your users to sign in before gaining access to your app and require you to define who those users are. User tags determine which users can sign into a particular app. Use the USERHASTAG formula function to customize your app based on the tags of a signed-in user. Learn more »
  • Usage statistics for apps. The new Statistics window uses graphs to shine a light on your app's performance, in terms of app launches, sent reports and signed-in users, with a customizable date range. Use it to compare an app against others in your account or to compare your usage to your app's plan limits. Learn more »
  • Improved stability and performance. Calcapp usage is growing quickly, which has led to intermittent stability issues. We now deliver apps significantly faster than before, which greatly improves stability. Our White Label plan supports 100,000 app launches per month, but we plan on supporting even higher numbers in the future. Learn more »
  • Sort apps by plan and date. The Manage apps window now categorizes apps by their plans. It also allows you to sort apps by their modification time, which is great if you store many backup copies of your apps. Duplicating an app always puts the copy on the Free plan. Learn more »
  • Minor improvements to reports. Email report buttons now support setting the Reply-To, carbon copy and blind carbon copy addresses. Buttons for downloaded reports now support setting the file name of the report. All new properties can be set through formulas. Finally, we now support Zoho Flow in addition to Zapier and Microsoft Flow. Learn more »
  • Try Calcapp without creating an account. New users can now try out Calcapp without providing their email address and without having to wait for a confirmation email. Learn more »
  • You can now set your password. You can now change your password using a new account settings box. If you have a system-generated password, you will be asked to change it the next time you sign in. Finally, you can now reset your password. Learn more »

Taking stock and looking ahead

After a three-year beta, we're now finally launching paid plans. We've written a blog post in which we take stock of our current position and discuss what lies ahead, including the introduction of a PDF report designer, buttons that perform more complex actions through action formulas, better support for data and more. Learn more »

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