ZoomLevel property

App.ZoomLevel — Number

The zoom level of the app, which determines the size of the user interface. Use the zoom level to make the user interface larger and easier to read, or smaller to make more information fit.

A default user interface size is used if the zoom level is 1 (100%) or is blank. A zoom level of 2 (200%) means that user interface elements have twice the width, twice the height and four times the area compared to when the zoom level is 1 (100%).

If the zoom level is less than 0.5 (50%), 0.5 is assumed. Similarly, if the zoom level is greater than 5 (500%), 5 is assumed.

If this property is not set, it returns 1 (100%).


IF(Settings!UserInterfaceSize = "Large", 120%, 100%)IF(Settings!UserInterfaceSize = "Large"; 120%; 100%)

Makes the user interface appear at 120% of its normal size when the user has selected Large from a text drop-down field named UserInterfaceSize, which is part of a form screen named Settings.

Settings!UserInterfaceSizeSlider / 100Settings!UserInterfaceSizeSlider / 100

Changes the size of the user interface in response to a value entered in a number field named UserInterfaceSizeSlider, which is part of a form screen named Settings. The number field UserInterfaceSizeSlider is expected to be configured to use a slider, whose minimum value is 80 and whose maximum value is 120.