CarbonCopy property

EmailReportButton.CarbonCopy — Text

Represents the carbon copy ("CC") recipients of an email sent through an email report button. There must also be primary recipients, meaning that the Recipients property must return at least one recipient. Carbon copy recipients are visible to all other recipients.

Use the BlindCarbonCopy property to send the report to email addresses which are not visible to the other recipients.

This text string must consist of one or several email addresses. Multiple addresses may be separated by spaces, commas or semicolons. In formulas, use & to join text strings together. Use the TEXTJOIN function to convert an array of text strings to a text string suitable for use with this property.


"," & EmailAddress"," & EmailAddress

Sets the carbon copy recipients of an email report button to two addresses: "" and to the value held by the field EmailAddress.

TEXTJOIN(",", TRUE, EmailField1:EmailField30)TEXTJOIN(","; TRUE; EmailField1:EmailField30)

Sets the carbon copy recipients of an email report button to the email addresses entered in the text fields EmailField1, EmailField30 and any text fields that appear between them, such as EmailField2. The second parameter to TEXTJOIN, TRUE, ensures that blank values are ignored.