Label property

ResetButton.Label — Text

Represents the label of the button.

If this property is not set, it returns the label set for this button in Calcapp Creator.


"Reset " & IF(COUNTIF((Field1:Field5).Valid, FALSE) > 0, "invalid ") & "fields""Reset " & IF(COUNTIF((Field1:Field5),Valid; FALSE) > 0; "invalid ") & "fields"

Sets the button label to "Reset fields" if all fields of the Field1:Field5Field1:Field5 range are valid and to "Reset invalid fields" otherwise. The Field1:Field5Field1:Field5 range includes the elements Field1, Field5 and all fields that appear between them. (Field1:Field5).Valid(Field1:Field5),Valid returns an array like { TRUE, FALSE, FALSE, TRUE, TRUE }{ TRUE; FALSE; FALSE; TRUE; TRUE }, where each array element indicates whether the corresponding field is valid. COUNTIF((Field1:Field5).Valid, FALSE)COUNTIF((Field1:Field5),Valid; FALSE) returns the number of FALSE elements that are found in the array. Finally, IF returns "invalid " if there are any FALSE elements.