TrailingUnit property

NumberField.TrailingUnit — Text

Represents the trailing unit of the field. A trailing unit is displayed after the field value when the value is not being actively edited. It is typically used for units like "kg", "lbs", "m", "in" and "mol". Set the leading unit through the LeadingUnit property.

No space is displayed between the value and the trailing unit. As trailing units should not typically be displayed right next to the value, a space must be manually inserted.


SWITCH(Units, "Customary US", " lbs", "Metric", " kg")SWITCH(Units; "Customary US"; " lbs"; "Metric"; " kg")

Sets the trailing unit to " lbs" if the value of the text drop-down field Units is "Customary US", to " kg" if the value is "Metric" and to a blank value otherwise.