Index property

TextDropDownField.Index — Number

The position of the selected item in the text drop-down field. If the first item is selected, 1 is returned, if the second item is selected, 2 is returned, etc.

The Size property returns the number of items in a text drop-down field.

This property is a read-only property, meaning that no formula can be assigned to it.


CHOOSE(ProductSelector.Index, 19, 29, 49)CHOOSE(ProductSelector,Index; 19; 29; 49)

Returns 19 if the first item in the text drop-down field is selected, 29 if the second item is selected, 49 if the third item is selected and a blank value otherwise. CHOOSE formulas can automatically be generated directly from spreadsheet tables, enabling CHOOSE invocations with hundreds or even thousands of parameters to be easily generated. This is done using an app we provide.