InitialValue property

TextDropDownField.InitialValue — Text

Represents the initial value of a text drop-down field, displayed before the user has entered an explicit value.

An unchanging initial value can be assigned to a text drop-down field simply by selecting a value from it in Calcapp Creator. Select the empty value to unset the initial value.

When a field is reset through a reset button, its value is set to the initial value (unless the reset button has been configured to instead assign blank values).

If an initial value is set through a formula, the formula is evaluated just before the screen housing the field is shown. In other words, the formula can reference values of fields that have been shown previously.


IF(MainScreen!Product.Valid, MainScreen!Product)IF(MainScreen!Product,Valid; MainScreen!Product)

Sets the initial value to the value of the Product field, which appears as part of the screen MainScreen, but only if the field is valid. The value of the Product field must be among the options supported by the text drop-down field.