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  • Feature: The function browser

    With 244 functions, you need an easy way to find the function you’re looking for and its documentation. To this end, we are introducing the function browser. It will be available in the same sidebar housing the inspector.

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  • Feature: 244 formula functions

    Our upcoming release will feature significantly expanded support for formula functions. All in all, we will support 244 functions, ranging from text- and date-manipulation functions to functions in statistics, finance, engineering and trigonometry. If you’re used to a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel, the new functions should be familiar. Here’s the complete list:

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  • A major update is coming!

    We released the first preview version of Calcapp Creator and Calcapp Connect early this year. We have spent the majority of our time since then on a major new update based on the feedback you have given us. We’re excited to finally be able to share details on what this new release will contain.

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  • Introducing Calcapp and our new website

    Today we’re excited to launch a new website for Calcapp, which includes learning resources, this blog and an opportunity to sign up for our preview release. Our aim with Calcapp is to allow you to create calculator apps using the skills you’ve already honed when creating spreadsheets. Today, mobile devices are everywhere, and yet creating line-of-business apps for your company is expensive and time-consuming. We aim to change that.

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  • Getting Calcapp Creator ready

    The first preview version of Calcapp Creator is finally complete. There are some administrative tasks that need to be performed before we are ready to give our beta testers access to it, but it should not be long now. Since the last update, we have implemented the last of the features we had planned for the first preview release. This status update has more details on these new features.

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  • Unveiling Calcapp Creator

    The first preview version of Calcapp Creator is nearing completion. It will allow people to leverage their spreadsheet skills to build calculator apps for iPhone/iPad and Android devices, as well as Windows and Mac desktops and the open Web. The first preview version will only allow web apps to be built, though, and the feature set will be limited compared to what we hope to deliver in the future. Once we release the preview version, we need your help to guide us in the right direction, to help us prioritize features and ensure that we build a product that solves your problems and meets your requirements.

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