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  • Feature: Determine the device type from formulas

    New properties help you determine if your user is using an iPhone, an Android device, a Windows PC, an iPad or a Mac. Use this feature to do things like only showing a text box if the user is running an iPhone or changing app colors based on the operating system.
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  • Feature: Pad numbers with leading zeroes

    You can now pad numbers with leading zeroes by setting a minimum number of integer digits in the inspector. With a minimum number of four digits, 23 is formatted as 0023. As a bonus, we show how to accomplish the same thing using formulas and share some news regarding the venerable IF function.
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  • Feature: Force a 24-hour clock for time fields

    Some countries use a 12-hour clock in everyday life, but a 24-hour clock in some professions. Our new release enables you to use a language that normally uses a 12-hour clock and still use a 24-hour clock for some time fields.
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  • Feature: Customize subject lines of reports

    Assign subject lines to reports you send from apps with our new release. You can determine the subject line using a formula, enabling you to include parts of the report in the subject line itself. Use this feature in conjunction with labels or rules in your e-mail client to automatically sort incoming reports.
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  • Tip: Limit the length of a text field

    What if you want to limit the number of characters users can type in a text field? This tip uses validation to alert your users if they type too much text and show you how to include only a limited number of text field characters in reports.
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  • Feature: Apps now load faster

    The largest apps created with Calcapp can take can take a long time to load. Today, we are speeding up the process considerably by compressing apps and PDF reports before they are downloaded.
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  • Tip: Include only selected fields in reports

    Reports sent by your users normally contain all fields of your app or only the fields of the current panel. This tip demonstrates how you can select precisely what fields to include, which cuts down on the size of the reports.
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  • Letter: Multiple button actions and report recipients

    Can a formula be used to send reports to many e-mail recipients and can a button both open a report and send it? Matt posed this question and received a reply from our co-founder David, who shared some of our future plans for enabling buttons to execute formulas.
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  • Release: Our January update is now available

    Add steppers to number fields to make it easy to change their values using plus and minus buttons. Sliders take up more space, but make it even easier to experiment. There are also new formula functions, improved support for embedding apps in websites and a rewritten tour template.
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  • Sample app: A grade point average (GPA) calculator

    If only some users need to use a large number of fields, start off by showing only a few and give users the ability to add or remove fields using plus and minus buttons. We demonstrate this technique using a sample app that calculates a grade point average (GPA).
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