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  • Improved e-mail deliverability

    We have significantly improved deliverability of e-mail sent from calcapp.net, including reports sent from your apps. We now recommend that you use the Reply-To field, instead of the Sender field, to direct replies to your reports.
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  • Feature: Add users in bulk, download users as CSV

    Users who are permitted to access your private apps can now be added in bulk. Also, you can now download the entire list of users, complete with tags, as a CSV file, which can easily be imported into a spreadsheet.
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  • Feature: Download app statistics as a CSV file

    You can now download statistics for your app as a CSV file, which you can easily import into your spreadsheet. Use your spreadsheet's formulas to process the data and visualize it through graphs. For private apps, the CSV file has information on how individual users are using your app.
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  • Sample app: Checklist

    This sample app enables users to fill out checklists and file defect reports. Checklist apps are perfect for field operations or the factory floor, where a number of precise steps need to be carried out. The collected data can be sent to a Slack channel.
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  • Sample app: Cost estimator

    This sample app estimates costs for licensed builders, based on a site area size entered by a user. Both squares and square meters are supported. Itemized costs can be shown and optionally, edited by the user.
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  • Sample app: Body mass index (BMI) calculator

    This sample app is a body mass index (BMI) calculator. It allows users to select between US customary units and metric units. The result is color-coded using an infinite number of colors through the use of a continuous formula.
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  • Tip: Convert values with CONVERT

    Converting values from one measurement system to another using plain formulas is tedious and error-prone. Use the CONVERT formula function instead to perform these conversions. It supports more than one hundred different units.
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  • Feature: Usage statistics on individual users

    The Statistics window now enables you to learn how a particular user is using a private app. For such apps, there is a new drop-down menu with a list of all users you have defined in the Users window.
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  • Release: Our July update is now available

    Make apps embedded in your website look great with lots of new options. Our new auto-height feature automatically resizes your iframes to match your apps. A new JavaScript library enables host pages to interact with apps. Microsoft Flow is now better supported. Finally, we announce our startup program.
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  • Feature: More visual options for embedded apps

    Easily apply borders and shadows to embedded apps with the revamped embed tab which appears when you share an app, with a live preview. You can also experiment with our new auto-height feature, which adjusts the height of the containing iframe to match the app content.
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