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  • Supporting apps not in English — and a teaser

    If your app isn't in English, your users are not getting a great experience today: Numbers may not be formatted correctly and some messages are displayed in English. We're working to improve this situation.
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  • A progress report

    Cross-references will be available in February and calculated properties will be available in March. Once we end the beta, pricing will likely depend on if your app is for private or public use. Calculated properties will make your apps considerably more powerful.
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  • Feature: Automatic naming of fields

    Starting with our next release, fields will be given names based on the captions you type for them at all times. This makes formulas easier to read. You can still assign names manually.
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  • Feature: Send PDF reports

    Starting today, you can now send reports as PDF documents. PDF files are great for storing in document management systems and can't be easily changed.
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  • Cross-references and calculated properties

    With our upcoming release, you will be able to reference fields that are part of other panels in formulas. You will also be able to use formulas to determine if a field is visible or a button is enabled, the color of a field, the recipients of an e-mailed report, and more.
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  • Bug report: Improvements in December

    Keyboard shortcuts now work the way you expect and all percentages are displayed correctly in your apps.
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  • Release: Our November update is now available

    This update enables you to display long-form text using formulas, enables fields to retain their values, improves reporting and allows you to collect long-form text from your users:

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  • Feature: Multiple lines in text fields

    Our November update will enable text fields to feature multiple lines. That may not seem all that significant, but has some interesting implications which we’ll explore in this post.

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  • Sprinting toward the finish line

    We launched the Calcapp beta early this year and have spent the entire year consistently improving the service. In June, we launched a major update with 244 formula functions, formatted numbers, a function browser, switches, text fields, date and time fields, reworked error handling and a brand new website. Our August release finally made it possible to share apps and to use them offline and improved the experience on Android devices. The September update added drop-down fields and hidden fields and fixed a large number of bugs.

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  • Feature: Persistent fields

    We’re hard at work on a major update, one that will enable cross-references between panels, allowing one panel to reference fields on another panel. That work entails making major changes to how Calcapp works under the hood. As a result, that work won’t be ready for our November update.

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