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  • More flexible layouts for your apps

    The way the fields of your apps are laid out will change with our upcoming release. Field captions will no longer be limited to one row, and neither captions nor the fields themselves will be cut off arbitrarily. (The new release does away with trailing captions.)

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  • Formula functions specific to Calcapp

    Of the 244 functions supported by our upcoming release, 242 are intended to be compatible with spreadsheets and two are specific to Calcapp: ISDEFINED and BLANK.

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  • New formula syntax

    We’ve made a few changes to the way you write formulas in our upcoming release, mainly to improve compatibility with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications. With these changes, it is far more likely that you will be able to carry over formulas simply by copying them directly. These are the changes:

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  • Removed layout features

    While our upcoming Calcapp release brings many new features to the table, a few are slated for removal. We are removing trailing captions and separators.

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  • Feature: Switches

    Our upcoming release will feature 244 functions, support for formatting numbers and a function browser. Amid all the major new feature additions, minor features can easily be missed. One of these is support for switches, which allow users to easily toggle the value of a logical field.

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  • Feature: Formatted numbers

    In the current release, output numbers are always formatted with two decimal places at most. Input numbers are left alone. This is obviously quite limiting, and providing you with better control has been at the top of our to-do list for a while now. To format numbers, you use the new inspector at the left-hand side of the window:

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  • Feature: Improved error handling

    Our upcoming release significantly improves error handling. (Examples of when errors occur include when a number is divided by zero and when the wrong value is passed as a function parameter.) The current Calcapp release handles errors by failing silently, displaying nothing. That isn’t very helpful when you’re struggling to get a formula to work correctly.

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  • Feature: Dates

    Numbers can not only be formatted as fractions and percentages, but can also be formatted as dates and as times, which enables your users to enter such data. You can use date and time functions to manipulate the data entered by users and calculate new dates and times to show to your users.

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  • Feature: Insert field names in formulas easily

    With our upcoming release of Calcapp Creator, editing formulas will become more convenient. In particular, you will be able to insert the names of your fields simply by clicking on them while editing formulas. When you’ve reached a spot in your formula where it makes sense to enter the name of a field (such as after you’ve typed “+” or the name of a function plus an opening parenthesis), your fields will turn purple to indicate that you can click them to insert their names at the caret position. If you’re used to spreadsheets, this should be familiar.

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  • Feature: The function browser

    With 244 functions, you need an easy way to find the function you’re looking for and its documentation. To this end, we are introducing the function browser. It will be available in the same sidebar housing the inspector.

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