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  • Feature: Reporting improvements

    Support for sending data collected by an app through e-mail or directly to a server you run was introduced in our October update. Based on feedback from you, we have tweaked some aspects and added a number of options. These features have been available since the beginning of November, meaning that you can use them straight away.

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  • Release: Our October update is now available

    This update enables apps to send data through e-mail or directly to your server. It also makes it easier to navigate Calcapp Creator using keyboard shortcuts, makes the formula bar resizable and enables fields to be reset to their initial values:

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  • Feature: Send app data to your own server

    Our October update enables users of your apps to e-mail reports to you. You can also send collected app data to a server you run.

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  • Feature: Send reports from apps by e-mail

    Being able to send data from the apps you build has been one of the most requested features since we launched the beta. Today, we’re happy to announce that this feature will be part of our October update.

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  • Feature: Reset fields to their initial values

    Our October update will enable you to add buttons to your apps that reset all fields of the current calculation panel to their initial values. Having the ability to reset fields enables your users to easily experiment with various values.

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  • Suppressing error values in shared apps

    Have you ever created an app using Calcapp only to find that your app displays error values in red? These error values are there to help you diagnose formula errors, but look unprofessional in apps you distribute to end users. As such, error values won’t show up in shared apps once we release our October update.

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  • Feature: Keyboard shortcuts

    Our October release improves Calcapp Creator’s support for keyboard shortcuts. We have tried to focus on common-sense shortcuts that will make using the product easier for all users. For instance, to navigate between fields, press the up and down buttons on your keyboard. To move from editing the caption of a field to editing its formula, simply press Enter – and then press Enter to move back to the field. Move to the panel preceding the panel you’re currently editing by pressing Ctrl-Left and to the panel following the current panel by pressing Ctrl-Right. There are also shortcuts for creating new items, deleting and moving them and for quickly moving to the inspector and back again.

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  • Feature: Formula bar

    We’re getting ready to release our October update. The headline feature is reporting, which in practice means support for adding buttons to your apps that send the data your users enter. We’ll have more to say about this feature in a future blog post, but we have also taken the time to improve smaller aspects of Calcapp Creator. This post is about the formula bar.

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  • Growth

    When you’re busy creating apps in Calcapp Creator, the changes you make are constantly sent to our server for safekeeping. (Once every five seconds, in fact, meaning that you stand to lose at most five seconds of work if you, say, suffer a power outage.)

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  • Release: Our September update is now available

    This update adds list fields and hidden fields and fixes bugs in Calcapp Connect and in the apps you share:

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