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  • Tip: Manage different versions of your app

    By maintaining multiple versions of your app, you can refer back to a prior incarnation at a later date. It also enables you to share your progress on a new app version with beta testers, without disturbing the main version used by your regular users. Learn to duplicate your app to access these features.
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  • Letter: Converting data-heavy spreadsheets

    Can you convert a spreadsheet with lots of data to a great app with Calcapp today? Sagger asked us this question and received a reply from our co-founder David.
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  • Need help converting your spreadsheet?

    Do you have a spreadsheet you'd like to convert to an app? Get in touch with us and we'd be happy to assess whether Calcapp is a good fit at no charge. If you need us to do the conversion work, we'll give you an estimate of the work involved and charge you an hourly fee for our time.
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  • Tip: Present text in number fields

    You can use data validation to present an error message alongside an output number field. Sometimes you want to display the message in the field itself, though. This blog post shows you two ways to accomplish this.
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  • Letter: Entering decimal numbers on an iPhone

    Is it possible to enter decimal numbers in a Calcapp app on an iPhone? John posed this question and received a lengthy reply from our co-founder David. (Short answer: Yes, but it's somewhat awkward, and this issue can't be easily fixed.)
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  • Tip: Add a "debug mode" to your apps

    Making hidden fields visible can be useful when you're developing your app. Add a "debug mode" switch to your first screen and tie the Visible property of all hidden fields to this debug switch to easily make all hidden fields visible. Then, hide the switch before you share the app.
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  • Release: Our March update is now available

    Use formulas to hide and validate fields, make buttons grayed-out, determine the recipients of reports and more through calculated properties. A video tutorial introduces the new feature. You can now reference fields from other panels in formulas by clicking on them. Also, our learning resources have been thoroughly updated.
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  • Video: Building a user registration form

    In our very first video tutorial, we build a user registration form which makes heavy use of calculated properties. It is available as a template in Calcapp Creator for use in your own apps.
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  • Feature: Insert cross-references in formulas (video)

    You can now reference fields from other panels by clicking on them when you're editing a formula. You can also reference buttons and the other items that make up an app from your formulas by clicking on them.
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  • Feature: New calculated properties

    Fields, buttons, calculation panel groups, text boxes, list panel options and panels now offer a variety of calculated properties you can use to make your apps more dynamic. This post offers the complete list.
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