FormattedValue property

DateTimeField.FormattedValue — Text

The value of the date and time field, formatted as a text string. The formatted value is identical to the value displayed in the app itself.

The formatted value takes into account the configured date format and time format of the field. It also takes the language of the app into account. Formatting options for a field and the language of the app are set through Calcapp Creator's inspector.

The values of date and time fields — sequential serial numbers — can also be formatted through the FORMATDATE and FORMATTIME functions. The advantage to using a function is that the formatting options can be set in the formula itself.

This property is a read-only property, meaning that no formula can be assigned to it.



Returns a formatted version of the value of DateTimeField1, which exactly matches what is displayed in the app. The formatting settings of DateTimeField1 are used.


Returns a formatted version of the value of DateTimeField1, using the default settings of FORMATDATE.